Green tea leafhoppers – tea estate’ benefiters

Green leaf hopper hiding under the tea leaf
Green leaf hopper hiding under the tea leaf


There are many types of leafhoppers in the world of crop agriculture. The species can somewhat be specific to certain host plants. So there are the rice leafhoppers, potato leafhoppers and rose leafhoppers etc.

Most of these species are deem as pests. However, in the world of organic tea cultivations, the tea leafhoppers are welcoming. They are rarely being mentioned because you don’t normally find them unless your tea estate is into organic and does not use pesticides.

The tea leafhoppers are tiny green leaf eating insects from the cicada family. They are normally found on the undersides of the tea leaves. Their roles are to interact with the tea leaves: They suck the sap from the tea leaves with their sharp, needle-like feeders. This causes the chemical composition in the tea leaf to change – introducing a withering process which turns the leaf brown. This amazing synergy eventually gives the tea a much sweeter, highly desirable honey-like aroma.

However, depending on the types of tea trees and cultivation environment the leaf hoppers connect on, the richness of flavor will vary.

Our estate’s Qing Xin Oolong tea tree (the finest oolong tea species) interacts extremely well with the ‘leaf hopper synergy’ thus giving our tea its natural rich fragrant and a uniquely sweet flavor.