The difference between Lalashan Snow Mist Tea and other Taiwanese high mountain tea

The difference between Lalashan Snow Mist Tea and other Taiwanese high mountain tea


Commercialized Produce vs Quality Beverage

In general, Alisan or Li Shan’s tea production uses conventional way of farming which utilizes chemical fertilizers and agriculture fungicides, and practise the usual method of processing tea to its final product.

Snow Mist tea farm, however, persists on protecting our planet’s fragile ecosystem by adopting care and sustainable, organic wild grown method of tea cultivation; namely, by removing of weeds manually and feeding of tea plants with nutrients sourced from cut grass and naturally fallen leaves. Combining with newly researched technological know-how, we have stupendously made a grand leap in tea making techniques, producing a high-quality, enjoyable tea beverage that energise the mind, body and spirit.

Product vs. Artisan Tea

Taiwan’s high mountain teas for the public consumption are mainly mass produced.

Snow Mist Tea farm – from its prudent management of farm, hand picking of tea leaves, its green factory policies to taking stringent steps in its care of tea shoots and production processes – has accomplished its intention of creating a star crafted tea resembling that of a fine artwork piece for those who avail themselves to our tea. In 2015, we were officially recognized by the Taoyuan District Council of Agriculture Tea Research and Extension Station as a Five Star (Excellent Grade) Formosa Tea Manufacturer .

 Tea Making Process: 24-Hour of fast, continuous laborious effort vs. 40 Hours of tender, caring approach:

The traditional process of making high mountain oolong tea – from plucking, withering, oxidation, rolling to finishing touches – must be continuously carried out over a 24-hour timeframe. Granted, tea masters have little choice but must work throughout the night with little rest.

In comparison, Snow Mist tea farm, armed with its breakthrough tea making process, allows tea shoots to be oxidized to reach its peak aroma in a naturally conducive environment whereby tea masters worked dedicatedly to producing tea in a much superior state of well-being. Henceforth, Snow Mist Tea is a significantly healthier drink, naturally good, and full of life force.


The high mountain oolong tea in different parts of Taiwan generally has flavor resembling that of vegetable bean taste.

Snow Mist tea, however, is especially distinctive. Through our sustainable method of farming and unique tea making process, we have created a lightly fermented oolong that is flowery fragrant and honey-like in taste.

With these wonderful experiences, other high mountain tea cannot be compared with our Snow Mist Fu Yuan oolong in most ways.

Through our ideal, profound commitment and persistent effort, Snow Mist tea has very much surpassed other traditional oolong tea in taste and wholesomeness to proudly become a superior class and milestone in its own.