Customer Reviews

“My first taste of the Spring Returns Highland organic tea was a very pleasant one. These teas are divinely flavourful, light yet gave me an unforgettable fragrance unlike others. A must-try for any tea lovers.
I was hooked on healthy organic thereafter. I got and tried the Summer Moon tea and am I surprised; each of these tea leaves seemed to exude calm yet totally intense aftertaste in my mouth during the warm afternoons.
A helpful digestive too after any heavy meals, any day!
Mr. B. Light, Singapore, Feb 21, 2014


Blog comment “My aunt gave us 2 packs of Snowmist ‘Spring & Summer’ organic oolong tea on her return from Taiwan recently.
My first sip of both was an immediate delight – smooth, distinctive and thoroughly gratifying.
The fact that these tea plants were grown in eco-friendly plantations and cultivated with care, give and accentuate the tea drinking occasions a feeling of peace and contentment.
Love it!” Pearlyn S Feb 2014

I am a tea lover. When I am overseas, I would visit local tea shop and collect (buy) good tea recommended by the retailers.
My first experience with Snow Mist Tea was the FuYuan Oolong, bought in Taiwan. The aftertaste was simply awesome! I did not use any special Chinese tea pot to prepare this oolong – I use my regular Bodium coffee maker instead. I love the colour! I have also made a cold tea version as recommended in the website. Oh! A must try – the fragrance is unbelievably rich, powerful yet smooth on the throat. This is indeed something very different from the regular teas I bought – can’t wait till my next cuppa.
Mdm Wu, March 2014




“It was the first time trying Oolong tea, liked it because I like my tea nice and strong and Oolong tea was right on the money.” Claudia McCalla, The London Krate Ltd, NOPE 2014, 13 April 2014


Lovely and Refreshing tea!” Lucelta Eugene, 13 April 2014, NOPE 2014


“Absolutely refreshing, really light tasty tea.” Nat, Healthy Living Magazine, London,UK


“Oolong – Lite + Pure – Brilliant!


Black Tea – Rich + Poweful – Perfect!” Vikas – VP Inc.13, April 2014, NOPE 2014


“Beautiful tea that tastes “peacefilled” & made with “sensarity” à Thank you for sharing!” SanJeev, VP Inc


“Just 3 words describe the Black Tea: Simply the best.” Steve Kalides, NOPE 2014


You can taste the goodness” New Forest Bodies, UK


Very tasting Fu Yuan oolong – very refreshing” Kanabala


“I do not drink tea but the Oolong Tea is very light + refreshing & I would drink this on a regular basis” Maxine


“Lovely oolong tea, I found it light, delicately fragrance, very subtle taste, felt good drinking it” Faeeza,

“Absoutely beautiful teas, especially the oolong. So smooth & calmingGabby X


“Both taste wonderful! Perfect the oolong”

“The oolong tea was excellent even better than it was all organic” Thad Seeghiller, West Sussex


“Nice oolong. Nice aromaRonan Cahill


“Pure, lovely taste. No bitterness, just beautiful! Must try!” Fumeera


“Normally I find Black Tea unpalatable, but this black tea is superb, and I could drink this happily. Many thanks”


“Tried both oolong + black. Very mellow and relaxingJulia


“Tried oolong – very nice gentle. Would have again” Jennie


“Delicate and refreshing” Anna, UK


“BLACK TEA – OH, What a surprise! I’m not a big fan of black teas in general, but this one is so refreshing! Thanks for great work guys! Will be back!”Kristina, NOPE 2014, 14th April 2014, London, UK.


“Oolong Tea – Amazing fresh taste. I am a green tea lover and this is so smooth & easy to drink” Carmen –FZF


“Oolong tea – Lovely tea – fresh & smooth & delicate, not bitter like some green teas”. Sara Thomas.


“Oolong tea – Very delicate refreshing taste. Good beverage any time a day. Can feel a little sweetness in it as well. Love it.” Elena Garfield.


“Oolong – taste as it is supposed to be authentic” Mari Yoshinaga, Head of Research, London, UK


“I like the taste of the Oolong tea. It had a surprising mild taste & I enjoyed its smoothness”Dr. Jan Bennett, Director, Metro Fresh Foods Ltd


“Oolong tea – Enlightenment in a cup!” Linda Pilgrim, Homeopath


“Oolong best I have ever tasted.” Carol Reid, Sherwood wholefood.


“Oolong tea – smooth, light and tasty – would love to drink it again anytime!” Beanka Košak, Reporter, Croatia.


Delicious & refreshing” Jenny Efstratious, Oxfordshire, UK.


“Really delicious tea and refreshing” Janina Stapf, UK, NOPE 2014.


“The snow mist black tea is probably the nicest tea I have tried in a long time, refreshing and I would definitely recommend itValerie Brown, True Channel


“Wonderful tea! Always a pleasure to know we can get awesome teas while getting organic too” David Corft,

“Delicious & not bitter like other oolong teas I have had. Very refreshing. Taste very pure. Delicious! Would definitely buy this.” Jo