With a breakthrough fusion of Oriental Beauty, Oolong tea and Black tea processing technique, we are proud to introduce to you the uniquely high quality, great-tasting, Oolong tea on earth.

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In 2013, our artisan tea masters have created 2 types of speciality tea:

(1) Light fermented Oolong tea – Fu Yuan: extremely fragrant oolong tea   巴山福芽輕發酵系列【福圓茶】

(2) Heavy/Fully fermented Black tea – Premium Fragrance   巴山福芽重發酵系列【頂级蜜香紅茶】

The Blessing Shoot 巴山福芽 (Ba Shan Fu Ya) is the trade mark of this special series.


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Each blend of tea has its very own distinctive pleasant flavour. Within each brew, our tea releases different types of fragrance: From the lingering flavour of the majestic, enriching, robust air of the mountain valley to the subtle and delightful, reflexive of the local cunninghamia lanceolata wood, wild ginger, pine, orchard, rose and peachy sweetness.

Fu Yuan Oolong







New Product 4 seasons


For “4-seasons” series of organic oolong tea, our artisan tea masters have created the following:

Snow Mist Tea products


  • Spring Returns (春回 Chun Hui)
  • Summer Moon (暑月Su Yue)
  • Autumn Whisper (知秋 Zi Qiu)
  • Winter Calm (朔風 Shuo Fen)





wooden box series

 wooden box series

These wooden boxes of the “4-seasons” series are perfect as gifts, with each weighing 50g (of tea leaves) per box.

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