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Founded in 1987, Snow Mist Organic Tea Estate is a unique organic tea farm situated 1450M above sea level, at Taiwan’s North Eastern LaLa mountain range (locally named Lalasan). Here we practise ethical and sustainable agriculture. Our tea trees are grown in total harmony with the wild flowers and the indigenous cunninghamia lanceolata forest’s natural ecological system. 

red wild flowerThe Environment:

Our tea estate spans 2 hectares. With an abundance of rich soil, we cultivate the best Qing Xin Oolong tea trees in our plantations.  Since soil is an important element in cultivating good tea, we manage our soil in a holistic way. We do not loosen the soil by machines, instead we let the massive amount of earthworms to do the soil loosening. We only harvest from matured leaves. The roots of the tea trees grow deeply, so in this way the young shoot gets all the nutrients and is ensured of its fragrance. 


The DSCN1673Factory

Much care has been given into the design of our tea factory to ensure that it is green, classic and yet traditional. Specially made stainless steel machinery and production equipment are used in every step of the tea- making process: from (pan) firing, baking, rolling, up till drying. With respect to our customers, stringent steps were taken during each process of tea production and every batch of our tea is produced in the cleanest and safest environment. In 2015, we were officially recognized by the Taoyuan District Council of Agriculture Tea Research and Extension Station as a Five Star (Excellent Grade) Formosa Tea Manufacturer.

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