What is Organic Wild grown tea?


Wondering what is organic and wild grown tea?

Here is an excerpt by our tea-farming owner, Mr CY Chang.

WildGrownTeaPoemWhat exactly is the term ‘wild grown’?

Simply put, our farmers let the tea trees survive on its own and allow them to grow naturally.
Whichever way the tea trees grow, we let them be.
We then harvest according to their willingness to grow.

This is the process of change in our farming practice – managing the tea agriculture from Traditional ways to Organic methods and then evolving to wild growing ones.

So it’s like this:
For the 1st year (of wild growing of tea plants), our total harvest drops drastically from 1,000 kg to 100 kg plus.
This impacts greatly on our survival, but we continue to plough the land, till the soil and look after it wholeheartedly.

On the 2nd year, as we are managing the farm, we carefully observe the tea plants, look at its leaves, monitor its stage of health and growth, etc.
This time round, the tea plants have in fact grown much and healthier too!

We are confident, therefore, if we continue with the wild-grown method of farming, its total harvest and returns should be multi-fold and bountiful.
And this pioneer example will pave ways for more farmers not only to farm organically, but also to grow their tea trees in a wild grown manner.  This would thus enable the natural ecosystems of farming in Taiwan to be healthier, and even more natural.

In this aspect, all the agriculture produce that people consumed will be more wholesome and also be eating them with confidence.

Consequently, consumers will have better faith and trust in the hard work and harvest of the farmers, and be the healthier of it through the consumption of these natural produce.