Geographical Profiles:

Created and Perfected by Mother Nature

Lalashan-LogoSnow Mist Organic Tea Estate is a unique organic tea farm situated 1450M above sea level in Taiwan’s North Eastern LaLa mountain range (locally known as LalaSan).  This region belt is where Taiwan’s high mountain mist and clouds easily gather in abundance.

Our tea trees absorbed the purest air of the mountain and the best spring water with its source from the ancient forest of the LaLa Mountain.  The Spanish moss that is growing abundantly underneath the tea tree trunks is the best indication of the purity of air.

We have organically cultivated in our estate the best Taiwan Qing Xin Oolong Tea trees.  These wild grown tea trees naturally absorb the essence of Mother Earth.

Amongst the Taiwanese highland tea farms, we are pioneer in adopting the organic wild grown method of tea farming.


Farm Facts:

Totally Natural and Original

Snow Mist Organic Tea Estate supports all green ideas and manage our soil in a holistic manner.  Here we practise ethical and sustainable agriculture – our tea trees are grown in total harmony with the wild flowers and the indigenous cunninghamia lanceolata forest’s natural ecological system – thus, the soil is naturally and organically rich.

In winter, the mountain’s low temperature causes the snow to cover the tea estate, allowing our tea trees to bath with a mixture of sun, dew and moisture from the frost.

No pesticides or fertilizers are used in our tea estate.  The tea plants are fed on cut grass as its primary nutrient source.  Though our harvest quantity is limited, our wild grown tea is guaranteed to be naturally pure and supreme in taste.

It is Zen, it is light.


Green Factory Policies

Superb skill with a Divine Touch – Orthodox Oolong tea manufacturing process redefined

Traditionally, tea making process is very labour intensive and requires full attention, and the tea leaves need to be attended overnight.  With technological knowhow, we have successfully broken through the conventional way of manufacturing tea – i.e., we no longer need to work overnight to process the tea leaves.

Though our approach of  tea manufacturing methods have taken a huge leap, we still maintain the fine art and full traditional essence in all processes. We produce our tea in a much relaxing atmosphere yet highly productive manner.

巴山福芽 The Blessing Shoot LogoDuring the production of The Blessing Shoot (Ba San Fu Ya 巴山福芽- our trade mark brand), we have a strict practice and common understanding of treating and fluffing the tea with gentle touch, preserving the integrity of our tea.  No throwing or hard handling of the tea leaves are allowed in our factory.

We believe in preserving the life force of our tea, and therefore the gentler we handle the tea leaves, the sweeter and purer will be the outcome.  Our tea leaves are thick and healthy, thus giving several re-brew counts possible of about 10 times per measure of similar tea leaves.

Green factory is eco-friendly and implies low carbon emission and low carbon footprints.


High Hygiene Standard

Apart from obtaining the Taiwan CAS organic standard certifications, our factory have officially received a 5 star Excellent Formosa Manufacturer awarded by the Taiwan Taoyuan County Tea Research and Extension Station (R.O.C.) in 2015.

Our tea is tested free from at least 251 common types of pesticides and agriculture fungicides (Dithiocarbamates).

With respect to our valued customers, stringent steps were taken in each process of tea production, and every batch of our tea is being produced in the cleanest and safest environment.

Hygiene remains our top priority.